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....TV detective theme submitted to the BBC......New single "Big Town" to be released on Fliptophead Records in January 2018............................

Big Town

Writing, recording, producing and marketing an album is a massive task. It takes a huge amount of time and effort for your fully fledged musician, but Iíd argue that itís even tougher for a part time pop star such as myself. My last album Arrival Time took almost 2 years to complete, including a 3 month sabbatical from my day job. Musically, I found it hard to fit any live performances in whilst recording the album. While Iíve made inroads with what was to be my new album (all songs written and at the pre production stage), I just canít see me releasing the finished product for literally years! With this in mind, Iím concentrating on singles - individual songs for the foreseeable future. Itís pure logistics really - if an album has 10 tracks it will take a tenth of the time & effort to produce a single? The first one, Big Town, is due for release in January 2018